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Renison's Farm

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A corner of Eden Valley with cattle, pigs, chickens and loads of birds, bees and bugs

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Meet Nic and Reno

Regenerative farmers from Cumbria with a passion for thinking outside the box, embracing new ideas and a good brew

We arrived in the Eden Valley in 2012, a hot and sweaty August day, a new life on a new farm…in a static caravan with two kids, four dogs, a farm truck and a huge mortgage.

From Our Blog

The last ten years have been eventful, we have had to learn on the hoof, so this is where we'll be sharing all our highs and lows, from teaching chickens to roost, to coping with the helm wind.  As Elizabeth Day says 'It's good to fail'.


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Cannerheugh, Renwick, Penrith, CA10 1LA


Phone Number: 07775 528521  /   Email:

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