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Renison's Produce

Our produce is available periodically through out the year.  We have boxes of beef and pork available for collection or delivery, whole chickens and an 'egg club' for all you lovely folk lucky enough to live in the Eden Valley too. 


If you would like to be one of the first to know when our produce will be available click the link to join the mailing list.  We will also pop a message on FaceBook and Instagram so give us a follow too!

The important stuff.  Our beef is 'pasture for life' accredited which means 100% grass fed - no grains pass their muzzles!  Our pigs and poultry are very much out on pasture, topped up with soya free, palm oil free grains.

100% Grass Fed beef boxes, 5kg or 10kg - Available right now!

Cumberland Sausages - packs of 6 or 8

Farmhouse Sausages - packs or 6 or 8

To order email us or call 07775 528521

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