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Over the years we have hosted open days and run meetings, learning from others has been a crucial part of our last ten years.  Our agricultural education didn't cover water systems, electric fences, grass growth, dung beetles and hedge planting!


We run grazing days (see below for more information on our course on 14th November 2023), which are hands-on sessions covering the basics to get you started with rotational grazing, through to hosting sessions with experts on soil health, dung beetles, and even mindset!


We like to think our courses and run with a spirit of sharing, openness and honesty, it's the conversations and the connections made that are very often the highlights of the day, bringing folk together, creating that 'melting pot' of ideas.  Fueled of course with good food and plenty of tea,

If you would like to stay in the loop about up and coming courses please register below.

We are also part of the founding crew of Carbon Calling, a conference for farmers, by farmers.  Check out to see what its all about.

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Grazing Course

Tuesday 14th November 9.30am to 3pm

We have moved stock everyday, or at least every two days since 2015...the learning curve has been steep!

Come and join us for our second grazing course and learn more about electric fencing, subdivision, setting up and planning your rotation, water systems, bale grazing, agroforestry, reducing input costs, reducing fertiliser and incorporating egg layers into your grazing system...this is the course for you!

£90 + VAT including lunch 

Get In Touch to find out more or to book.

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