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Finding Inspiration in the Eden Valley

We are relative newbies to regenerative farming, having used traditional methods until around 2014.  Eighteen months into our time at Cannerheugh we realised the need to decrease the inputs into the farm to improve the bottom line on our profit and loss sheet.


Bring on the rotational grazing, the hedge planting and the 'egg mobiles'...
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Our Story

What is regenerative farming?!  We had no idea until around 2014, but put simply, it is improving the soil, as opposed to maintaining or worse, depleting it.  No synthetic fertilisers have been used at Cannerheugh since 2015, trees and hedges have been planted, the cattle rotate the land and are purely pasture fed. 

Today we farm a growing beef enterprise, free range pigs and pastured poultry.  The goal is a symbiotic relationship among the livestock and wildlife on the farm which mimics nature: monocultures don’t exist in nature.  

Our pigs roam the woods and fell side, the cattle enjoy life as a single 'mob' and the chickens strut their stuff admiring the view of Blencathra.  Our stock move to fresh pasture everyday, this sounds a funky idea - and very different from current farming methods, but these practices are based in many traditional farming principles. 

We strive to 'farm in abundance', meaning to farm with breadth.  Nurturing every aspect of the farm brings bio diversity, and a more resilient self regulating eco system.  Joel Salatin from Virginia USA has been a huge source of knowledge and inspiration.

Our meat chickens are grown slowly, and live in groups of 50 between April and October. Good things come to those who wait - these birds are delicious.

Truly free range eggs were new in 2020. These birds roam the farm by day, and settle into their cosy 'mobile egg mobile' by night.

Our grass fed beef herd live as one family, the Aberdeen Angus  herd enjoy diverse pastures, free of pesticides and sprays, and no grain is fed.

The Gloucester Old Spots and Black Sows mean business.  These Cannerheugh matriarchs have piglets every year, and enjoy the good life on the fell or in the woods. Happy as pigs in...

Cannerheugh is part of an emerging farming community committed to a regenerative and holistic approach.  We are open to new ideas and change, and appreciate the huge value in talking and learning from other farmers.

Along with Liz Genever and Tim Nicholson, Nic and Reno founded Carbon Calling in 2022 - a conference that makes regenerative farming accessible and achievable.   You can join us this September in Cumbria or the Cotswolds - get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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